Difference B/W Digital Marketing & Traditional Marketing


So before we get into what is different between Digital Marketing and Traditional Marketing, we need to know types of Digital Marketing and Traditional Marketing.

Types of Digital Marketing

SEM: google, yahoo, bing etc.

SEO: onpage and offpage

CONTENT MARKETING: articles, blog etc.

VIDEO MARKETING: youtube, vimeo

DISPLAY ADS: banner ads, PPV.

SOCIAL NETWORKING SITES: facebook, instagram, twitter,snapchat, pinterest, linkedin.



Types of  Traditional Marketing

PRINT MEDIA: Newspaper , magazine, Brochure etc.

BROADCAST MEDIA: Tv , radio, movie.

DIRECT MAILS: catalogs, telemarketing


TRANSPORT ADS: on cabs, in flights.


So here is the some points which are considered digital and traditional marketing.

The major difference is COST if you look at the digital marketing you can advertise with even a 4$ per day and it is the traditional marketing you cannot do that it’s very expensive and it’s not for everyone so that is the major difference.

After that you can reach global audience from any part of the world you sitting in your home or office  you can reach out to global market then other same time you can also under traditional marketing you can not do that even if you want to that it’s huge budget so, that is the major so the next major difference is TARGETED MARKETING so whatever you mean by that in digital marketing you can target audience with age group say suppose you want to advertise between a 30-50 aged men or women  particularly you can do that so it is possible and  also you can target on interest based. And its possible with digital marketing and you don’t get this kind of targeted marketing under traditional marketing which is highly impossible so that is the beauty of digital marketing.

Now digital marketing is REAL-TIME METRICS you can measure everything in real time you can measure the traffic to your website , you can measure how many leads you got, you can track how people are engaging with your post your ads creatives they can also come in they can talk. It’s a two way communication and in traditional marketing it’s not possible that’s very delayed communication.

Now  ROI return on investment, roi is not measurable and carries your marketing through so that is very important when it comes to the marketing any marketing person want to know what is the ROI for the ad campaign so that’s possible with 100% accuracy in digital marketing ,you can get instant result in digital marketing which is not possible in traditional marketing.

While interesting fact that i want to share with all of you is internet took 4 years to reach 15 million users. You really need to point of that the same audience and all 60 millions you know all on it to radio to 38 years, tv took 15 years to reach the same audience of 50 million users puts so internet or the digital is the fastest communication medium and fastest growing medium so that is the reason i prefer digital marketing. The another beauty of digital marketing is called retargeting what is that mean is if somebody visits your offer page on your website your blog we can keep showing them your abs again and again, and we can bring them back.

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