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LG G7 smartphone shines bright and plays deep bass

  LG’s latest flagship phone seeks to stand out from rivals by offering a brighter display and a “boombox” facility meant to make separate speakers unnecessary. The G7 ThinkQ’s 6.1in (15.5cm) screen also features a notch reminiscent of the iPhone X’s. But owners can alter the surrounding graphics to help hide the “dead space”. LG used to be one…

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Microsoft patched ‘NSA hack’ Windows flaws before leak

  Microsoft says it had already fixed software flaws linked to an alleged breach of the global banking system before they were exposed last week. On Friday, a group called the Shadow Brokers published details of several hacking tools, indicating they had been used by the US National Security Agency (NSA) to spy on money transfers. Reports suggested Microsoft’s…

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Skype U-turns on Snapchat-like features after complaints

Microsoft has announced it will remove a number of Snapchat-style features from its Skype messenger service. The software giant updated Skype in June 2017 but faced criticism from users who said it was “stupid” and the “worst ever update”. Microsoft said it accepted that the new features “got in the way” of the app’s core uses: messaging and making…

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